“Clinton “in fact” raped Juanita”

Bill Clinton’s rape of campaign supporter Juanita Broaddrick, “was an event that in fact took place” according to a Wall Street Journal piece, Feb. 19, 1999. “To hear the details of her story and the statements of the corroborating witnesses, was to understand that this was an event that in fact took place.” Three mainstream media outlets reported fleetingly on the evidence for this crime.

A Denver radio program, Bob Enyart Live, conducted a corroborating interview with with Norma Rogers (now Norma Kelsay), the nurse who found Juanita shortly after the rape, bruised, sobbing, and with lips swollen twice their size.

What We Want: Many conservative Christians, including those at ShadowGov.com, want Bill Clinton to apologize to Juanita Broaddrick.
Enter KGOV!

Read here the particulars of this crime that were reported fleetingly by the Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC 2-25-99, and the Washington Post 2-20-99. A Denver radio program, Bob Enyart Live, conducted a corroborating interview with Norma Kelsay, the nurse who found Juanita shortly after the rape, bruised, sobbing, and with lips swollen twice their size.

Juanita Broaddrick, a 35-year-old cam­paign supporter, met Bill Clinton in April 1978 when he made a campaign stop at the nursing home she had owned for five years. Broaddrick says that Bill Clinton invited her to his Little Rock campaign headquarters. Juanita, and her employee, Norma Rogers (now Norma Kelsay), were scheduled to attend an American College of Nursing Home Administrators seminar in the state capital at the Camelot Inn the next week on April 25, 1978. Juanita says that she therefore accepted Clinton’s invitation to visit the campaign headquarters. Broaddrick says that she called the campaign headquarters when she arrived and was surprised that the aide who answered the phone had expected her call. This aide told her to call Bill Clinton at his apartment.

The Meeting

Broaddrick says she called Clinton and they arranged to meet at the coffee shop in her hotel. Broaddrick says that Bill Clinton then changed their plans, moving the meeting to her room, where they could have beverages delivered, since he said the coffee shop was too noisy for their meeting. Broaddrick says Clinton made small talk for less than five minutes, pointing to a jail which he said he would refurbish when elected, which jail media accounts report being later demolished.

The Rape

Broaddrick says Clinton then startled her by embracing her and saying, “We’re both married people.” Juanita says she responded that she had no such interest in him and that she was in love with David Broaddrick, whom she later married in 1981. Broaddrick says Clinton persisted and forced her onto the bed and used his strength to hold her down.

According to Broaddrick’s account, Clinton tore apart her pantyhose at the crotch; he inflicted pain when he penetrated her; and he bit her lips which also inflicted pain. Norma Rogers says she found Juanita on the same bed shortly afterward, in a state of shock, her pantyhose torn in the crotch.

Broaddrick says that after his ejaculation, Clinton told her not to worry about becoming pregnant for he had the mumps when he was a child and that he was sterile. Juanita first publicly told of Clinton’s claim of sterility in 1999 when Chelsea was about 20 years old. He was reportedly the first president who has kept his medical records secret.

The Immediate Aftermath

Juanita says she had “felt paralyzed,” and was not at all thinking about pregnancy, and that when Clinton mentioned sterility she started to cry. Juanita says that his behavior and words as he was leaving are seared into her memory, that he put on his sunglasses, and gestured toward her mouth saying “You better put some ice on that,” and walked out.

Rogers, a nurse, describes Juanita’s lips as swollen to double their size, and her mouth area discolored by bruising which she attributed to biting. She treated Juanita’s lips with ice at the hotel and afterward on their drive home. Rogers recalls that Juanita, in a state of shock, kept repeating, “I can’t believe what just happened.”

The April 25, 1978 Arkansas Gazette mentions a nursing home conference held that day at the Camelot Inn. That edition also noted Clinton’s only announced event of the day that evening in nearby Conway. Juanita says she feared that she would not be believed. Juanita blamed herself for allowing a man into her hotel room. But “this was the attorney general and it just never entered my mind.”

Juanita says she wanted to deny and forget what had happened. On the drive home she invented a cover story for her wounds and told David Broaddrick that she had been hit in the mouth by a revolving door. He recounts responding, “That didn't happen.”

Clinton and the Broaddricks Afterwards

David Broaddrick says that a few days later Juanita told him that Bill Clinton had raped her. Juanita says Clinton later phoned her nursing home several times but she always refused the call.

In the following years the Broaddricks avoided conferences if Clinton was scheduled to attend. The Broaddricks say that when they once happened to see Clinton, that David grabbed the governor by the hand and said, “Stay away from my wife and stay away from Brownwood Manor [her nursing home].” Juanita recalls that Clinton had to wring himself free from her husband’s grip.

In 1984 Juanita won an award for running the best nursing home in Arkansas and Clinton closed his official letter of congratulations with a handwritten, “I admire you very much.”

In 1991 Juanita was called out of a state nursing standards meeting to find the governor at a stairway. She recalls that Clinton took her hands and said that he wanted to apologize. She remembers that she said nothing except, “You just go to hell,” and then she walked away. Juanita and Norma Rogers wondered about Clinton’s motive and timing for this apology until he soon began campaigning for the presidency.

Public Denials

Philip Yoakum, a business associate, is another contemporaneous witness to Juanita’s account. In 1992, Yoakum spread the story widely in an attempt to keep Clinton out of the White House. Juanita refused to help Yoakum after she had spent years wishing she could forget the rape, hoping that the story would go away. But a media report that Clinton had bought her husband’s silence angered her.

Juanita Broaddrick admits to providing Paula Jones’ lawyers with a false affidavit denying that Mr. Clinton made “unwelcome sexual advances” against her in order to keep herself out of the scandal.

FBI Investigation Opens Wounds

Juanita’s son Kevin, a lawyer, warned her against lying to a federal grand jury, if it would come to that, and convinced her to tell the truth to federal prosecutor Kenneth Starr during the Clinton impeachment investigation, which is how her own account of the incident eventually became public and led to Juanita’s tearful accounts of being raped by Bill Clinton.

Juanita Broaddrick today lives in the tiny northwest Arkansas town of Van Buren with her second husband, David Broaddrick. She has a close family and is financially secure. Broaddrick has sought neither paid interviews, book deals, nor profit from this accusation.

Tax-funded Payment for Sex

Consider this further evidence of Bill Clinton’s demeaning attitude toward women and disregard for the public trust. The former president has paid for sex with taxpayer money by arranging for government jobs to be given to women as reward for providing Bill Clinton with sex and to keep them quiet. For example, Gennifer Flowers was hired by the state government in Arkansas in payment for her sexual affair with Bill Clinton, which to add insult to taxpayer injury, also displaced a female black applicant who was actually qualified for the position. And U.N. ambassador Bill Richardson offered intern Monica Lewinsky a position at the United Nations, not based upon her qualifications but as taxpayer-funded hush money. Lewinsky did not want the job at the U.N. so was then offered a job at the Pentagon! Sexual immorality and harassment by governing officials is also a security risk, as they work to cover-up their shameful behavior.

As the enabler in chief, Hillary Clinton systematically worked to destroy the reputations of the women victimized by her husband. Thus, Democratic leaders supposedly advancing feminism have actually set back the cause of respect for women. Liberals caused a national uproar over allegations that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas told dirty jokes to subordinate Anita Hill, yet in a display of hypocrisy, as a community they refused to give Juanita Broaddrick the dignity of an honest assessment of her far more serious allegation.

Appreciated Double Standard

The media imposes a double standard on conservative Christians as compared to liberal leaders. We conservative Christians want to be held to a higher standard. Clinton’s rape of Juanita provides irrefragable evidence of this double standard. Thus some Christians, including those of us at ShadowGov.com and KGOV.com will not give up exposing his crime. This double standard is a knife which can possibly pierce the conscience of a liberal whose heart is not yet fully hardened against all that is good and right. The liberal whose undying admiration does not diminish, regardless of extraordinary testimony that Bill Clinton is a rapist, has a last chance at redemption if he can be confronted to acknowledge that he is a sinner, and approves of those who are most cruel to others.

What We Want

We want Bill Clinton to apologize to Juanita Broaddrick. As a sexual predator, Bill Clinton needs to clearly acknowledge the hurt he has inflicted upon Juanita, and to ask for her forgiveness. If he does not, he will die a broken man. For success and fame cannot forever cover up the guilt of rape (or any guilt for that matter). If you care about Bill Clinton, you will not honor him unless he repents. The Bible’s King David committed the most wicked crime of seducing another man’s wife, and then, to cover up his sin, he murdered the husband. That cruelty was sufficient to earn him a vile place in history, except that he repented. He was truly sorry. Therefore God was able to begin working again with him and in him. While there’s life, there’s hope. Bill Clinton still has the opportunity to repent. Urge him to apologize, for the sake of all.

We’re getting plenty of Arkansas media coverage, and some national reports, but please help us get to the attention of the Internet alternative media this day of the Clinton library Grand Opening by emailing some or all of the following to drudge@drudgereport.com; news@worldnetdaily.com, and go to this link copy and paste material at this link: http://newsmax.com/comments.cfm.

11-18 Morning Quick Update (we left the jail last night at 2 a.m. and are rushing to the Grand Opening)

50,000-watt KARN 102.9 FM’s Big Dave Show interviewed Bob Enyart from 3:15-4:00 pm on Tues., from Nov. 16, and Bob and Jason again Wed. from 3:00-4:00 pm, and Bob and Jo Scott from 5:00-5:10 pm. While the mainstream media announced that selected displays were being unveiled one day ahead of the opening, KARN listeners heard Bob’s report that, “each of the large dictionaries at the Clinton Library are opened to the entry showing the meaning of the word “Is,” of course referring to Clinton’s lack of credibility in denying the mistreatment of women. Bob also said on air that after having protested in 143 cities, ShadowGov.com “has now come full circle, arriving at the scene of the crime,” where the rape occurred, and that the rapist got his start, right here in Little Rock, and making points like “the sexual predator has outlasted concern for his victims,” and, “many who oppose us ask why we’re not protesting the war. Saddam’s mass graves, and Iraq’s systematic rape of women relatives of Hussein’s enemies provide a moral mandate for deposing that tyrant. That’s another problem with making a sexual criminal like Clinton into a hero, is that it works toward desensitizing the public to other crimes against women.”

The group heard from the public that Little Rock’s CBS News 4 did a report on the ShadowGov.com Clinton Raped Juanita protest. Having arrived on Monday, by Wednesday we were being consistently recognized by people all over town by our t-shirts alone. Dave K. from Florida entered a Subway for a drink, and was asked by a worker: “So, who’s Juanita?”, with the public now associating the black ShadowGov.com t-shirts with Broaddrick’s accusation that Clinton had raped her; of course, this was our goal, that the Clinton Library gala celebration opening would be marred by the city of Little Rock remembering that Clinton is credibly accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick.

Immediately following a media interview in Little Rock’s main public library, an Arkansas resident delivered a copy of our flier explaining the evidence for the allegation that Clinton raped Juanita to the state’s historical archivists at the Richard C. Butler Center for Arkansas Studies; Bob had said on his Denver AM 670 KLTT talk show that we hope to become a footnote in Little Rock history, so that the opening of Clinton’ Library will be linked to his rape of a campaign supporter.

Bob Enyart, Jason, and Shaun Williams, 21, of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, was arrested twice, each, as Bob was quoted in the NY Sun (11-18-2004), "It's just routine free-speech suppression". While getting arrested for trespassing at the upscale Peabody Hotel on a public sidewalk for having stepped on a plant leaf which was overhanging a curb, Shaun good-humoredly told police, “I did not have sexual relations with that flower,” paraphrasing Clinton’s denial of mistreatment of intern Monica Lewinsky, and punning a reminder to his Gennifer Flowers affair. (Even during a battle, men find reason to laugh, and our group has had a great time fellowshipping, and getting to know one another in Little Rock.) Shaun was released from jail at 1:30 a.m., having had the opportunity to speak to a couple dozen inmates about God, judgment, and right and wrong. By the way, we heard the most amusing stories about Bill and Roger Clinton from bail bondsman, former drug addicts, and career criminals while waiting for hours in the lobby of the Little Rock jail. Jason is in discussions with a nearby Christian lawyer and the Little Rock ACLU (All Criminals Love Us, or is that Anti-Christ Legions of the Underworld, yes, we use enemy resources when we can; see The Art of War) regarding defending Jason and Shaun. Bob had been arrested in Arkansas catch-and-release program, just to temporarily move his sign from Bill Clinton’s view, but on that day, we visually confirmed that Clinton twice saw our signs which read Clinton Raped Juanita.

Also, a man in a wheel chair told a crowd of Clinton library supporters standing in front of the Peabody Hotel that he was going to roll over to the protesters, and push one over. Someone moved his wheelchair over to a ShadowGov.com woman, who backed right up against a curb to make room for him, and he shoved her hard, and knocked pushed her to the ground which bruised her elbow. The Clinton supporters spontaneously let out a loud cheer of approval, and the dozens of alert Little Rock police officers, who had just arrested Shaun for stepping on a plant leaf, somehow managed not to see this. The man in the wheel chair began cussing loudly and probably shouting the F-word a dozen times in two minutes. Jo Scott, who began saying, “You hurt Grandma Connie,” then insisted that the police file charges but they did not react until she was a block away, making it clear that she would follow him all the way home, if necessary. Then the police intervened by at least obtaining his identification, but we’re still in doubt that they will file any charges. By the way, the man’s demeanor changed from belligerent to a meekly whimpering victim who said his path was being blocked.

On a cheerful side, three families brought children, and the kids played together wonderfully, making new friends.

Tune in for a final update by Monday!

11-17 Evening Update (after two days)

Update from Little Rock: 27 Clinton Rapist protesters from KGOV.com and six states have made a big impact in Little Rock so far during this opening week of the Clinton Library. We've distributed more than 1,000 flyers (read online, or download MS Word tri-fold flyer doc). And we've been displaying a dozen large banners that say, Clinton Raped Juanita and others with a drawing of Clinton's profile and the word Rapist. It seems that everyone in town to honor Bill Clinton is very aware that we are exposing him as a rapist. Bob was interviewed following the Rush Limbaugh show on the 50,000-watt KARN on Big Dave's show, and it was a terrific 45 minute program showing that the evidence that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick is even stronger than the evidence that convicted Scott Peterson of murder last week. People in restaurants and parking lots see our ShadowGov.com t-shirts, and ask us where we're going next (either to encourage us, or to avoid us). Most people here despise us, but a good number are willing to talk, take literature, and discuss the evidence. The most consistent negative reaction we get is from women who display a vulgar hand signal. One 10-year-old girl from Florida handed a flyer to a woman going into the Convention Center to hear Bill Clinton speak; the woman crumpled up the flyer, threw it at the girl's feet, and said to her in a loud voice, "You go to hell." Those with us who have never protested against liberals before have been surprised at how crude, angry, and vulgar the women have been. The way that Bill Clinton has treated women his whole life, its no surprise that many of those women who most support him are the vulgar kind of women who are willing to ignore a mountain of evidence of his crimes as a sexual predator. Monday night, we protested at Al Franken's comedy presentation, and before the show, he came out and we spoke with him for five minutes, and warned him to repent. While there, a few Little Rock police officers tried to bluff us and tell us we had to leave, since we didn't have permits, and when we told him that we've protested in 143 cities so far, he said, and I'm quoting verbatim: this is Little Rock, you don't have the right to assemble here. It was amazing how he could quote the first amendment of the Bill of Rights, not realizing, and flatly contradicting it. Well, today, the city that honors a rapist came through with their unconstitutional threat and arrested Jason on two counts, basically for assembling without a permit. He was with about a dozen people, perhaps six of them kids under 10, and then he was released, and we have the whole event on video. We'll fight it, of course. Also today, Jason spoke to Aretha Franklin, and told her that the Wall Street Journal reported on the evidence that Bill Clinton raped a campaign supporter, and she had a one of her security people grab one of our fliers for her. Jason has also been interviewed by a reporter from the Washington Weekly Standard, and Bob was interviewed by a long-time reporter for Little Rock's main newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat [what else] Gazette. Early tomorrow morning, while the Clinton crowd is still in bed sleeping and recovering from their hangovers from tonight's drinking (we just got back from protesting downtown and listened as they slurred insults at us), we are going to Alabama's primary child-killing facility, Little Rock Family Planning Services. Since we're here, we're going to try to save a woman from becoming the mother of a dead baby.

Tune in for more later in the week!

And God bless you,
-a KGOV.com staffer